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5 Best Lighting Control Software

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While most newbie DJ controllers tend to focus on the music, the stage light is equally important. The beautiful symphony of the stimulus of sound and lights can be euphoric when combined seamlessly. This is where DJ lighting control software comes in.

With the right stage light settings and a capable DJ lighting control software, the probability of wowing the crowd is increased exponentially. Here are the top 5 lighting control software for novice DJ controllers.


This is an outstanding suite that offers a lot of capability. For a DJ controller looking to go big time, this lighting control software can provide a huge helping hand. For starters, it offers a DJ controller the opportunity to choose from 16 amazing digital universes.

This makes it easy to create a unique lighting show, a crystalline showering light that complements great music. Additionally, this DJ lighting control software works perfectly with the DMX 512 controller. With these two DJ tools working hand in hand, wowing the audience is a goal within reach!

Blizzard Lighting Eclipse DMX Controlling Software

This is one of the more affordable options on this list of DJ lighting control software. We have picked this software because it offers a DJ controller a lot of features while still featuring an easy-to-use interface. Although it’s made for Windows computers, it can work on both 64 and 32-bit versions as well as with the DMX 512 controller. The stage light is the DJ controller’s second most powerful tool. The Blizzard Lighting helps harness that power.

Enttec DMXIS 70570 USB Controller & Software

For DJ controllers in need of a seamless DJ lighting software that works with the DMX 512, this is it. It comes outfitted with a host of preset light settings that will help newbie DJ controllers deliver the most enthralling sets.

Basic Class Sunlite Suite 2 DMX USB Lighting Interface Controller

With this lighting software, it is possible to captivate the audience from start to finish. A simple USB package offers easy accessibility. Additionally, the user interface is optimized for easy scrolling between lighting patterns and sequences. Best of all? It is also compatible with the DMX 512 controller!


It’s a simple DJ lighting software (DMX 512 controller compatible) that allows for the generation of patterns and stage light effects based on live signals. Its one-of-a-kind effects as well as the level of control it offers to the DJ controller make it a great option for professionals and newbies alike.

With these tools, it’s time to make the party shake. Have fun!

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