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Best Stage Lights for Churches 2020

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Lighting is an essential part of your Church’s technology mix. A great stage light not only ensures that the entire congregation can see who’re on the stage, but it also productively enhances the worship experience.

Stage lights for churches have significantly advanced over recent years. Today they feature LED technology, which brings a lot of perks like lower power consumption, reduced heat production, and longer lifespan.

Importance of modern stage lights

Unlike older lighting systems, today’s LED stage lighting for churches takes up less space. They’re much safer and offer you great value for your money, as well.

They’re versatile in the lighting effects they produce, meaning you don’t have to upgrade your lighting every time a new trend comes up.

What’s even better, LED lighting systems with sound-activation can automatically provide your congregation with impressive lighting display right out of the package.

Also, you can customize your church stage lighting packages via an app-based console or hand-held remote, so there’s no need to hire lighting designers or technicians.

LED lighting systems are far less expensive than old-school lighting systems. They come in different sizes and budgets. You can install a modest LED lighting system in your church for just $1,000 or less.

Best Stage Lights for Churches

DragonX LED Tri-Color Mushroom Stage Effect DJ Strobe Light

DragonX Mushroom LED Tri-Color light works perfectly with other stage lights to create a rainbow light and other soft, faded effects that are aesthetically pleasing.  It will deliver an amazing lighting experience to your church stage that will capture the attention of your audience.

This multi-color stage light features red, green, and blue LEDs that deliver a uniform blend of rainbow colors. What even better, you can operate it with an IR remote controller. It also comes with a built-in mic for sound control.

In terms of durability, this light will exceed your expectations. It’s very durable and comes with a one-year warranty.  You’ll also receive an adapter when you purchase this product, but the Dragon stage light stand is sold separately.

DragonX Professional UV Halloween Black Light Cannon Décor

DragonX Professional UV Halloween Black Light is a professional and easy-to-use stage light perfect for church, UV paint, concerts, studio, weddings, and more.  Mesmerize your congregation by adding an otherworldly blue and bright effect to your church stage.

It’s aluminum/plastic case not only makes it durable but silent and sturdy. Furthermore, this light consumes little energy and produces little heat. Its double yoke design allows it to be placed on the floor or hanged on the wall. If that’s not enough, it features sound-activated modes and lots of features and options for the programming.

The beam size, shape, and quality of light emitted by the DragonX Profession are fixed, meaning it’s suitable for a stage with fog, illuminating clothes, strobe lights, and lighting skies.

DragonX Nano Horizon RGB LED Stage Light

Add a bright glow to your church using this LED tri-color light strip that delivers amazing rainbow lighting. DragonX Nano Horizon RGB LED Stage Light comes equipped with eight RGB LED lights that produce brilliant and uniform lights in a defined beam angle of 160°.

This professional lighting system contains four functional modes, including DMX512, Manual, Master-Slave, and Sound active. Setting up the light strip is easy; all you have to do is hang it on the wall.  You can either control it manually or using a DMX controller. It also saves on your electricity cost since it uses only 25W.

DragonX Professional Ellipsoidal 100W COB White Light Spotlight

Spotlights project a narrow, intense beam directly to a person or a place. They attract the attention of the congregation to where it’s needed. 

DragonX Professional Ellipsoidal is among the best spotlight in the market. It generates a saturated warm white light using a 100W LED, which makes it the best spotlight for all events. Its build-in dimmer programs, DMX controllers, and Master-Slave modes allow it to deliver dim or super-smooth LED fading.

It features an easy to set up design, which makes changing the light settings hassle-free.  Also, you can easily control the brightness of the spotlight, build-in dimmer curve, and strobe speed via its back panel and DMX controller.

Besides distributing light across a large area, COB white spotlight saves energy, runs silently, and it’s very compact and sturdy.  Its construction allows it to release little heat and noise.

DragonX DJ Lighting- RGB LED Light w/Amber & White RGBA

DragonX DJ Lighting- RGB Light is a versatile stage light that generates saturated and lively colors using 177 RGBA LEDs. This fixture can create any custom look for any event, whether it an outdoor church event or conference room up-lighting.

It’s Amber LEDs create a unique spectrum to warm colors which are hard to blend using most traditional LED Wash lights. It also features 30-Red, 48-Green, and 54-Blue LEDs, which create the perfect white balance.

Instead of hanging more lights, light designers can select wash colors that mix well and create more unique colors and illuminations.

The fixture is extremely versatile since it comes with several features, including a variety of sound activated modes, built-in dimming programs, DMX controller, etc.  Just like the rest of the stage lights we’ve mentioned, the DragonX DJ Lighting- RGB LED Light is energy efficient, produces low heat, and noise-free.

Light designers don’t have to use the DMX controller to mix the RGB or Static colors and dim or fade the light. In addition, it’s durable and sturdy construction allows you to use the light as a floor stand or as a standard hanging fixture.


This article will prove useful to you when searching for the best stage lights for your church.  The mentioned stage lights are just a few of the endless list of stage lighting systems available in the market. You can always do an online search and find other lighting systems.

Remember, stage lights will greatly enhance your congregation worship experiences, so take your time when searching for the very best product. We hope this post helps you to find the best stage lights for your church.


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