DragonX 40-Beam Laser Light System

DragonX Laser Light System Projector Beam Array RGB x3
DragonX Laser Light System Projector Beam Array RGB effects with equip

Throwing a birthday party in a backyard? 

Want to jazz up a pool area?

Or is a college festival coming up soon?

Whether you’re planning the event of the century, or you just want it to be a special, intimate night, there’s always one thing you can’t miss out: lighting!

True, those dainty fairy lights on trees seem to do the trick for a regular get-together, but those don’t really set the right tone when you’re trying to bring in more razzmatazz to the event, right?

So if you’re looking for a much better, brighter, and colorful lighting system, there’s nothing that can beat what you’re about to see right now!

Introducing the DragonX 40-Beam Laser Light System, a must-have for everyone in the industry of entertainment, drama, and nightlife! Whether you’re just beginning your career or have spent a lifetime looking for the perfect ‘oomph’ factor, your search ends right here.

The DragonX 40-Beam Laser Light System comes with pure red, pure blue, and an RGB arrangement so you can amp up any venue with just the right amount of lighting. However, as a decor artist, you probably want to know more than just the color combinations this DragonX Laser Light has to offer. 


So behold, here’s everything that makes the DragonX Laser Lighting System the breakthrough of your dreams!

Key Features

  • 40 Laser Beam Arrangement

The DragonX 40-Beam Laser Lighting System is definitely one that speaks out ‘bigger, better, and sharper. A single lighting unit comes with 5 vertical beam outlets as well as 8 horizontal ones. This 40 beams laser light array is neither too overbearing nor too underwhelming for any kind of venue.

The beams emitting from every single outlet are focused enough to reach the endpoint of even the largest halls, so that makes these 40 beam units a pretty cool feature.

  • Excellent Customization

One big reason why you’ll love the DragonX 40-Beam Laser Lighting System is that it’s fully diverse and customizable when it comes to setting up your ideal lighting system. No matter what type of lighting you’re going for, no matter if it is an indoors or outdoors venue, and regardless of how large the venue is, the DragonX 40-Beam Laser Light System always comes in handy.

How? It has a slight surface divergence that is neither too straight nor too deflective. The beams are angled at a horizontal level of 50° and a vertical level of 30°. This means that you can easily cover large venues with the least amount of equipment without any lighting going off-boundaries or without any spot receiving more lighting than necessary. This way, you can keep the lighting subtle, and you can keep it jazzed up, just the way you like it. This customization makes the DragonX a piece of great equipment for lighting up any and every venue, at any time, and for any reason. 

DragonX Laser Light System Projector Beam Array RGB 02
  • Multiple Effects

The main reason to bring lighting to an event setup is to avoid boredom. There may be a memorial day celebration, or there might be a wedding party later in the day. But for any event to succeed, you just need to make sure that the lighting isn’t just some monotonous, background formality that most people won’t even notice. 

In short, a boring lighting system can flop your entire show, and that in turn can cause you to lose credibility with your clients!

With the DragonX Laser Lighting System, we have this issue solved as well. A single unit of the DragonX System comes with 20 built-in light effects that can liven up any room, any hall, any stadium. You can operate these effects on four different modes:

  • Sound Active
  • Auto
  • Manual
  • DMX 512

This excellent diversity of effects makes the DragonX Laser Diode lighting system a great pick for any beginner’s collection, even on a budget!

  • Compact and Portable

The lighting industry has an overflow of big, bulky, and flimsy lighting systems. These may look like they bring a lot of difference to your venue, but they bring more pain rather than pleasure. And on top of that, we’ve had countless lighting experts come to us after having a disastrous experience with large, inconvenient lighting equipment. We’re talking about transport problems, stage accidents, and the worst setup difficulties.

Keeping all those complaints in mind, our DragonX Laser Light System has a compact design with excellent performance options that can work in every setting, no matter how cramped and limited. A single unit of the 40-beam lighting system weighs just 2.9 kgs and the dimensions of 320x170x160mm (length, width, height) but has the potential to deliver a powerful performance at 50 wattages. 

Even a pack of five can easily fit into a handheld carrier, so it’s not difficult to travel or install these lights wherever you go. These are especially great if you’re with a travel group, such as a band or a circus!

  • Safe to Use

When it comes to lighting, laser lights generally have a ‘bad boy’ vibe, mainly because laser is famous for piercing through your retina and blinding your eyes. Sure, that’s really scary, but that doesn’t count our DragonX Lighting System.

While coming up with the design and working mechanism of the laser lighting system, we hired experts to Lighting Geek to ensure that our product wouldn’t harm anyone. Rest assured, the DragonX 40-Beam Lighting System complies with all of the USA FDA’s safety guidelines.

  • Pricing

The DragonX 40-Beam Laser Lighting system is available at two prices: $449 for the pure red and pure blue laser diodes and $779 for the RGB diode. This is to ensure that each light complements your lighting system perfectly without adding any unnecessary strain to your budget.

  • Give It a Try!

Being a newbie in the industry can be extremely unnerving. Being a professional can be even worse. So if you’ve had your share of disappointing products in the market and are actually looking for something worthwhile, why not give the DragonX a go?


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