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[Pro vs. Amateur] What’s the Difference Between DJs Pro and Amateur Laser Light?

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From the perspective of the entertainment industry, an RGB laser light projector is a device that can emit RGB (Red, Green, Blue) beams of photons simultaneously. It can provide hundreds of thousands of mixed up secondary colors by modulating each color’s intensity and converting most parts of the light’s visible spectrum.

Applications and Recommendation of Laser Light Projector

The RGB laser light projectors are used for all types of indoor and outdoor events and parties. For amateur DJs and beginners, our most recommended product is Lumia Laser – Liquid Sky Effect Aurora. It is the most recommended laser light projector for smaller outdoor and larger indoor venues. Whereas for pro-level production and events with massive scale, there is nothing better than DragonX Hawk 3 RGB Full Diode Laser.

Lumia Laser – Liquid Sky Effect Aurora

This product offers a combination of a ripple effect of deep blue color and red and green laser web effects to take your party’s ambiance to the next level. It’s innovatively designed, and that’s why it’s extremely lightweight (1.5Kg) and portable. The unique effect with a colored texture is best for use on surfaces, ceilings, or walls. You can use the Lumia projector for all types of bars, clubs, and live small performance parties because it can easily fill any room 500 to 2000 square feet with its lighting effect. It will remind you of the 1990’s MGM Grand with its mesmerizing effects.

DragonX Hawk 3 RGB Full Diode Laser

This product is certainly not for amateurs because it is a lot more versatile than any of its competitors. It is only for the Pros as it is equipped with state of the art and fast diode technology that not many of the RGB laser light projectors offer. On top of that, it’s extremely advanced, and the latest 40kpps scan Galvo makes sure that you get the value for your money.

Lumia Laser – Liquid Sky Effect, Aurora Vs. DragonX Hawk 3 RGB Full Diode Laser

Well, in front of Hawk 3 RGB Full Diode Laser, the Lumia Laser – Liquid Sky Effect Aurora appears as a child’s play. Hawk 3 comes with:

  • Red: 650mW 637nm
  • Green: 750mW 520nm
  • Blue: 1600mW 445nm

Whereas the Lumia Laser offers:

  • 150mW 650nm Red
  • 50mW 532nm Green
  • 5W 450nm Royal Blue

As you can clearly see, there is a huge difference between the color intensity and efficiency of both of these projectors, where Hawk 3 takes a significant lead. Moreover, it also offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen and digitally adjustable projection size, brightness and projection position, SD cars, and a USB connection that is not available with Lumia Laser. DragonX Hawk 3 is also FDA compliant.

It certainly doesn’t mean that you can discard the Lumia Laser. If you are seeking something for small parties and functions, then covering 160 degrees angle and blanketing any room with stunning colors, the Lumia Laser is still a very viable option.

Final Word

The differences of both of the products define a clear line illustrating that Lumia Laser performs well for indoor and small outdoor casual parties. Whereas DragonX Hawk 3 is for the pro-level applications, big festivals, and events.

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