DragonX Party Buzzer Text Laser Projector With Keyboard

$389.90 $297.00
  • 150mW 650nm Red + 50mW 532nm Green + 100mW 450nm Blue
  • RGB laser writer for convenient laser text display
  • Use the included keyboard to create custom text messages and apply different rotation effects
  • Manual size adjustment perfect for venues, large and small
  • Built-in modes: Text Editing, Auto Beam Show, Sound to Light Beam Show, Laser Clock, Countdown
  • Sync to music and use a wide range of animation effects
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DragonX Hawk 1W RGB Full Color Compact ILDA Programmable Diode Laser Projector

$1,599.99 $1,149.90
  • 25Kpps scanner with optical scanning angle ± 20 °
  • Control modes: Prg mode(SD card program), ILDA mode(SD card program), ILDA mode (PC Control), DMX512 (17 CH), Sound Active, AUTO, Master/Slave
  • 100+ pre-programmed colourful graphics and beam patterns on a 2GB SD card. Download any ILDA laser files to an SD card and project instantly
  • Operate with any ILDA-compatible controller. Works great with this QUickshow 2.0 FB3 Laser Show Designer Software
  • Analog modulated RGB laser with thousands of build-in programs
  • Certified to comply with all US FDA safety standards
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DragonX Lumia Laser Show Projector- Liquid Sky Effect Aurora Red/Green Laser with Blue LED

  • 150mW 650nm Red + 60mW 532nm Green + 3W Royal Blue LED
  • Liquid sky effect laser creates a soothing night sky atmosphere with an ever-changing laser web pattern
  • Similar to Chauvet cirrus laser but two times more powerful
  • Nebula laser filling any room from 500 sqft bedroom up to 2,000 square feet ballroom
  • Versatile plug-and-play fixture with separate controls for lasers and LED
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