Wanna Know More about Fancy DJ Lights? Follow These Channels on YouTube

DJ Party

Want your next house party to be the one that nobody ever forgets? You should make sure you set up the best DJ light arrangements! Here are a few fantastic finds that you’ll love to consider:


Learn Lizard
Laser light Youtuber

One of the most practical and versatile channels to learn from is Learn Lizard. Learn Lizard’s Stephen teaches you all you need to know about finding the right type of DJ LED lights. You’ll also learn the different lighting settings for different occasions. The videos are quite simple, straightforward, and easy to learn at short notice.



If you’re wondering what to do with the lights you’ve already bought, JUN PRO is here to help you with a ton of ideas. This channel has all sorts of fancy DJ lights tutorials.

Well Lee

Well Lee is another channel that’s bursting with colourful light flashes. If you want to bathe the floor, walls, and ceilings with fancy effects, you’ll love the ideas they have.


DJ YouTuber

DJ Rick Web

DJ Rick Web’s channel is your ultimate guide to setting up an ideal DJ room. From lighting to sound coordination, this channel has everything you need to learn!

DJ YouTuber Kris

DJ Kris Szanto

Kris Szanto is arguably the best YouTuber for DJ lights inspiration. This channel inspires tens of thousands of people with amazing DJ light effects. Whatever you’re planning, this channel won’t disappoint you with its ideas!


Tech Toyz

For those who are searching for something unique and minimal, handmade DJ lights are an awesome idea! Tech Toyz is a channel jam-packed with inspiration for handmade DJ lights.

Handmade Youtuber Toyz

DC Bapon

DC Bapon is a treasure trove of unconventional DJ lights effects. They have the coolest DIY ideas to make sure your party is a great one.

Handmade Youtuber Bapon

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