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What are Spotlights and Do DJs Need Them?

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What are Spotlights?

Spotlights or “followspots” are a type of lamp that projects a narrow add intense light onto a person or object. Spotlights are used in a wide range of scenarios, from DJ events to stand up specials to theater performances. This type of DJ lighting can be really useful, especially for DJs who need a stage light for a particular large stadium or event. Spotlights are often referred to as “followspots” because spotlights typically move to keep moving people or objects illuminated for theatrical lighting.Spotlights can create a wide range of effects, and not just as a boring theatre light. DJ LED light spotlights can change colors, most spotlights are capable of moving to adhere to a target, and some can protect images in the form of shadows and light.

Types of Stages and Spotlights to Use for Them

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There are different types of stages that can utilize certain types of spotlights.

For large theater performances, a large high-wattage spotlight with 360-degree motion is advised for actor tracking. A smaller LED spotlight with color-changing abilities and software that can connect to could make an excellent DJ light. It all comes down to the bells and whistles, as well as the device power.

Overall, most spotlights are very similar. They are all strong light sources and have a manually focused lens, intensity dimmers, color magazines, and an iris for adjusting the angle of a beam. Some spotlights, particularly theater spotlights, have a physical sight to help with aiming, like a telescope.

Large Theaters Spotlight COB

DragonX Professional Ellipsodidal 100W Hybrid LED COB Light is ideal for large theaters because it boasts a dimming system and has a fairly wide light range. It’s a great choice for larger spaces and utilizes LEDs, rather than extremely hot bulbs. You can use DMX mode to automate or control the lights as well to add some flair to your performance.

A 40W spotlight wouldn’t be able to light an entire theater stage because it doesn’t have enough power or an intense enough LED light. A 100W hybrid LED COB light, on the other hand, is more or less built to light a larger space.

Do you need one of these two types of spotlights? Are you interested in lighting a stage, event, or DJ performance? Why not explore what LightingGeek has in stock?

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