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What is Fog Machine and How does it work?

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A fog machine is a special device that produces “smoke” or “fog.” What it produces looks exactly like fog or smoke to the naked human eye. However, it’s far from it. It is the result of an intricate scientific method that takes place in the workings of the machine.

The central idea behind the need for a fog machine is to hide what’s going on behind the fog. However, depending on the scene, a fog machine can add dramatic flair to a performance. This makes it great for Halloween events, stage performances, and even DJ performances.

Fog machines can churn out different levels of smoke based on the specific wattage rating. Furthermore, users can control the functions with a remote or a timer. These devices are pretty effective!

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The Effects of a Fog Machine

Fog machines see extensive application. From parties to Halloween haunted houses, dance clubs, and ballet performances, these handy devices can fit in just about everywhere. Key to this is the types of effects users can produce with a fog machine.

Depending on the type of fog machine, it’s possible to enjoy:

  • Wisps of thin smoke
  • Thick impenetrable clouds of fog
  • Low hanging, mystery smoke
  • Dramatic shards of light intertwined with smoke.

Types of Fog Machines: Where To Use Them

Before buying a fog machine, we must consider the need. A DJ looking to add some flair to a performance will need a different fog machine compared to Halloween party organizers.

Smoke Machine

This type of fog machine uses a special fluid to produce a cloud of thick smoke. This can make for a pretty impressive visual display. Also, this type of fog machine comes with a remote control to determine the volume and duration of smoke.

The visual effect from a smoke machine is designed for the smoke to rise and spread around the space. This makes it the best type of fog machine for shows, stage performances, and haunted house events.

Low Fog Machine

This type of fog machine produces a thick smoke that remains very close to the ground. This visual technique elicits a “walking on air” feeling.

This type of fog machine works using a special cooling mechanism. Furthermore, it releases the opaque fog it produces in one intense burst. As a result, it’s perfect for dramatic needs such as first dances at weddings, theatres, stage performances, etc.

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Haze Fog Machine

They are used to enhance the aesthetics of lighting effects. They create a subtle haze that hangs in the air for a long time before dissipating.

This lingering in the air emphasizes lighting patterns and effects that an audience might miss. The haze fog machine is great for nightclubs, DJ performances, and concert events.

How Does a Fog Machine Work?

A fog machine works based on the principle of a basic science experiment. Dry ice is put in warm water where it sublimates into carbon dioxide. Then, carbon dioxide mixes with humid air and condenses to form fog. A fog machine has a closed barrel, where the scientific process takes place, a heating element, and a hose to deliver the fog.

Price of Fog Machines

Expect to spend anywhere from $50- $300 on a fog machine. Typically, the higher the wattage ratings of the fog machine, the more expensive it will be.

Check out The DragonX 400-Watts Portable Professional Water-Based Liquid Fog Smoke Machine

This fog machine offers 400 watts of power — enough power to create a smoke illusion for most spaces. Perfect for DJ and concert performances, it can produce high or low atmospheric fog. Furthermore, it offers impressive hang time, allowing for seamless use with stage and party lights. To cap it off, it has an easy to use remote and substantial liquid reservoirs.

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