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What is Gobo Projector Light?

GOBO effect show in front of house garage door(night mode)

The GOBO (Goes Before Optics) projector light is one of the most efficient and versatile ways to control light. A GOBO is a stencil or pattern that allows or blocks light when passing through it. They are traditionally placed inside or before the light source, and they often provide light with certain shapes and styles. In this article, we’ll discuss the GOBO projector light and its various aspects. So, let’s get into it.

Gobo Projector Light

GOBO Projector Lights are very compact with a HD moving lens light projector that you can use indoors and outdoors to produce some incredible custom lighting effects. They are usually made of metal, glass, or wood sheets that you receive with the package. If you want to produce aesthetically pleasing light effects for your business or family event, GOBO projector light is your best choice.

How Does it Work?

The working process of GOBO is comparatively very simple, which is only about allowing and blocking light when it passes through the projector.

  • The light source (diode or lamp) emits the light which hits GOBO.
  • The GOBO only allows the required light to pass to create the desired pattern and blocks the rest of it.
  • The passing light then hits the lens that provides it the proper orientation to create the desired image.
  • The image then appears on the floor or wall

Features and Effects of Gobo Projector Light

There are many unique, impactful features that GOBO projector lights offer to add more value to your events, and some of the most common features are as followed:

  • They traditionally come with an HD optical lens to ensure sharp patterns with high-quality resolution.
  • You get empty and replacement films for customization with your package.
  • They offer 360auto-rotation functionality that can be stopped with the built-in knob if required. You can also adjust the rotation speed and manual zoom whenever you require it.
  • The Gobo Projector Light is an effective and efficient alternative to traditional signage and banners, especially for corporate events.

Where to Use Gobo Projector Light?

There’s a vast array of functions and events that a Gobo Projector Light can cover for both homes and businesses. You can use the GOBO projector light for corporate events such as:

  • Corporate dinners
  • Product launch
  • Annual award ceremonies
  • Trade shows
  • Seminars

You can use GOBO to feature your company’s logos, advertisements, or any other lighting purposes on all types of business events. Moreover, GOBO projector light can be used for all types of family events such as:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding ceremonies and anniversaries
  • Vacation parties
  • Family get together

Difference Between Progobo and Home-use Gobo

The main purpose of Progobo and home-use GOBO is the same, but Progobo is a more specialized product.

Progobo: Progobo is a wholesale distributor and also a manufacturer that focuses on the commercial GOBO HD projections. They assist businesses in many ways to improve their efficiency and productivity by providing GOBO lighting services. The GOBO projectors from Progobo are equipped with light sources of different brightness intensities to work perfectly with various types of applications. They strive to optimize all types of HD projection products in order to help corporations and businesses to enhance their advertising influence and marketing competitiveness.

Home-Use Gobo: The home-use GOBOs are the traditional GOBO products that are used for family events. They are not specialized for advertising and marketing purposes because they are only used to add a personal touch to any private event.

You can also contact us for custom-made GOBO products for both commercial and home use.


Although every type of GOBO product usually has a different price. The price differs because of the unique features and functionality that each GOBO product has to offer.

If you’re looking for a GOBO projector light for domestic use, it will cost you about 60-100 dollars. In contrast, a GOBO projector light for commercial use can cost you up to $500 because of their specialized features.

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