What Is Laser Light?

laser light effect

Laser light, often known by terms such as show laser, laser display, DJ light, and laser shows, is a staple for most discos, DJs, festivals, and events.

Compared to ordinary light, laser light starts as a weak light. It then concentrates light multiple times to a point before turning it into a powerful beam within the visible spectrum of approximately 400 to 700nm wavelength.

How Does Laser Light Works?

LASER is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser lights are often used for laser light displays and entertainment purposes. Animated images and patterns are created and projected with the help of single and multi-color laser lights.

A lot of us have witnessed a laser light display or the use of laser lights, but how do they work?

LED laser lights are displayed through machines called laser projectors. Most projectors come with the basic colors of red, blue, and green and are often known as RGB lasers. Projectors with OPDL (Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser) modules can create colors such as cyan and orange. These give a higher performance and excellent beam parameters and are often relatively more expensive. Laser light projectors project lines of bright lights and are available in two varieties.

  • Multi-point laser light projectors split the laser beam into hundreds of tiny dots, which depending upon the settings and model of the device, can be twisted, turned, spun, and made to change colors.
  • The other variety of laser light projectors allows one to display pictures, patterns, and cool animations. They can also be used to create a wave pattern in the air.

Applications of Laser Lights

Apart from laser light shows, laser lights are often used at festivals, nightclubs, parties, and events.

Many laser light show creators use additional effects such as fog, smoke, video projectors as well as water to make their laser light effects seem more majestic and spectacular.

Laser lights are perfect for events where you would want to grab the attention of people and keep them entertained while they have a good time. With the help of laser lights, you can display impressive laser effects, create graphic projections that can tell stories with the help of pictures. This is also the reason that laser lights are very popular in the entertainment sector.

Follow Safety Procedures While Using Laser Lights

Laser lights are being used for more than forty years now, and so far, only a small number of incidents has surfaced, which injured or harmed anyone.

That said, laser lights and shows are extremely harmless when performed by a professional keeping the necessary laser safety precautions into account.

However, here are a few tips to keep yourself safe:

  • Avoid putting yourself in a position when your eyes are in the direct line of sight of a laser beam.
  • Position beam paths such that they are above or below sitting or standing eye level.
  • Avoid directing laser beams towards other people.


Laser lights come with a range of applications and can help you attract people.

When teamed up with a fog machine or video projection, they create a spectacular and impressive setup for DJs gigs and laser light shows. Apart from this, laser lights are now often used as headlights for motor vehicles.

If you’d like to learn more about laser lights, feel free to contact us.

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