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What is LED Wall Washer?

LED wall washer effect

LED Wall Washers are typically designed to light up specific areas in homes, restaurants, museums, offices, bars, or any place suitable. These are light-emitting diodes that tend to produce uniform lighting effects for a particular structure, wall, area, or an object. These wall washers offer the premium lighting effects with multiple colors, more specifically in Cool, Neutral, Warm, and even in RGB depending on the brand and type.

The standard sizes of the LED Wall Washers are 0.5m and 1m. If we talk about the power consumption of an LED Wallwash, you will be able to get your hands on different variants consuming the different amounts of powers. The standard power usage of its LED lights is about 72W per meter (24V), which means that the whole LED will be covered in this usage.

How good are the lighting effects of a LED Wall Washer?

As I have stated earlier, LED Wall Washers provides bright colors and lighting, and a single 1m LED can light up a whole room. An LED Wall Washer usually has a 45° optic lens, which ensures that the LED would produce bright and glowing colors for a certain area. The best thing about these LED Wall Washers is that the light doesn’t back up when faced towards the wall, and they are super-bright and can glow anything at its extreme level if faced towards it.

Are there any types of LED Wall Washer?

There indeed are different types of Wall Washers that you can find in the markets. The examples can be stated as follows:

  • Multi-Row LED Wall Washers
  • Round Devices LED Wall Washers
  • Square LED Wall Washers
  • Linear Wall Washers

The main difference between these shapes only comes from dynamic lighting effects such as flashing or pointing.

LED wall washer

The right usage of LED Wall Washers

The LED Wall Washers can provide optimal performance if used in the right way. If you are a DJ, Influencer, or a Stage Designer planning to add some bright and focused colors to the stage, then LED Wall Washers will help you bring your true colors out. The LED Wall Washers can be best for the stages because of their focus, aimed, bright, and multi-colors that can glow a particular object in the neatest way possible. So if you are a DJ or an Influencer, you can use it to keep the lightings on yourself, this also attracts your audience towards you because of the particular light aimed in one direction.

Led wall washer

Difference between the LED Wall Wash Light and LED Strip Light

Many people get confused when choosing between the LED Wall Wash Light and the Standard Strip Light. But there are certain differences between both of them that can change their purpose entirely.

Overview of LED Wall Wash Light:

  • These lights tend to offer super, bright colors.
  • The LED comes with the wall brackets, and you can only place it in a specific manner.
  • These LEDs are Water and Dustproof to provide optimal performance for a longer run.
  • Can offer specific colors as well as the RGB colors.
  • LED-Wall Washers are comparatively shorter in length.
  • It is mostly used in Branding, Commercializing, or in Public Places.

Overview of LED Strip Light:

  • Small LEDs but with bright colors.
  • You can place these LED Strips literally anywhere.
  • These LED Strip lights are flexible and can be cut into particular pieces.
  • Have greater length, meaning these lights can cover more area in a single piece.
  • It is mostly used in Cabinets, Drawers, Under Tables, and Bars.
  • Can offer multiple colors, including RGB.

So these points can quickly solve your queries and confusions between the two as all the things are mentioned with specifics.

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